Liberty Hill has a powerful mission. Based in LA, a county with a thriving and diverse population of about 10 million, they champion social justice and equity for all through a combination of community empowerment, innovative activism, and progressive partnerships. They're driven by the vision of a society where all people have a voice and absolutely no one is excluded from either opportunities or democracy because they are poor, because of their skin colour, because of their gender or sexual orientation, because of where they live, or where they were born.

Shane Murphy Goldsmith is the President and CEO of Liberty Hill and has led the organisation through an era of incredible success and growth. But in 2016 the team at Liberty Hill was in a very different place. There was a high turnover, and morale was not great. Silos kept people from collaborating and there wasn't enough trust to help people overcome some of the communication challenges they faced. The performance of Liberty Hill as a business has a direct impact on the people and communities it supports, which is why Shane set out to build the best possible team, starting with herself.

Changing the future of your organisation starts with you: One CEO's journey of self-understanding