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Seeing Individuals and Teams Reach Their Potential Nationwide

Running a business successfully is about so much more than simply hitting targets and watching the numbers on the spreadsheets increase – it's about managing people effectively and cultivating an environment that allows individuals to thrive, for the collective betterment of all. Our services as your executive coaching will prove invaluable to that effect, inspiring your team and seeing them grow in confidence. SRW Consulting have a wealth of experience in leadership and management roles and that valuable experience is at your disposal when you reach out to us for help. We're your personal business consultant, offering our services nationwide, wherever they are needed.




Inspired Action That Develops and Inspires

For executive coaching that inspires the individuals in your team, call us today and arrange a consultation on 07774 327 007. Alternatively, please email enquiries@srwconsulting.co.uk to learn more.




Introducing our Founder: Meet Sam

Sam Williamson is a passionate, experienced authority on leadership and management, having spent over a decade organising and operating various teams of people, under a variety of circumstances. She also has over 25 years of experience in healthcare, working  across both human and veterinary. She is also a multi-time industry award winner, having received recognition for her Sales, Management and Leadership abilities. She now brings that same expertise and enthusiasm to her role as a business coach takes great pleasure in seeing businesses and organisations reach the new heights they aim for!





All of our goals, as your business coach, are targeted at supporting leaders through their development, seeing the businesses under their command achieve various benefits, including:


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Empowering individuals and encouraging them to take responsibility.


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Increasing motivation, employee and staff engagement.



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Improving individual and team performance through empowerment to excel.



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Helping identify and develop high potential employees.



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Helping identify both organisational and individual strengths and development opportunities.


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Demonstrating organisational commitment to human resource development.




Key Focus

We're proud to support women in leadership roles, seeing them become more assertive and recognise that they can strengthen their skills in managing key challenges in the work place including:




Being Treated equally

From being held to a higher standard than their male counterparts, to facing persistent gender stereotypes, women are systemically placed on an uneven playing field.


Advocating on their own behalf

Ambition in men is considered a sign of strength, but women cannot rely on their ambition being perceived as a positive attribute.


Trusting their own voices

Women often must push through internal and external barriers to find the confidence to express their ideas. For women in business, it may be a challenge to trust in the unique aspects of female executive presence and acknowledge them as personal and organizational assets.


Building alliances

Men learn to “play the game” through longstanding business conventions that help them build alliances and influence others. Women may need to find alternate routes to building mutually beneficial alliances and strategic relationships.


Impostor syndrome

When faced with systemic gender bias and inequality, women often have difficulty forming an accurate self-assessment, a situation also called “impostor syndrome,” which can interfere with their ability to stand confidently in their accomplishments.




With our executive coaching, we'll see the female leaders of today embrace their authority, shatter glass ceilings and lead with confidence.



Women in Leadership

If you're looking for encouragement and inspiration in finding your footing as a leader, SRW Consulting can certainly help you! Give us a call on 07774 327 007 or email enquiries@srwconsulting.co.uk to arrange a consultation.